Our jewellery is handcrafted and is naturally organic looking, some inconsistencies are part of the unique design. Various materials require a particular type of cleaning. Below you will find some tips to follow depending on the type of piece.

Jewellery should be treated with care, avoiding being knocked, bent and scratched and kept in the original packaging or a closed box in order to protect it from damage, humidity or direct light (which may increase silver oxidisation). 

Refrain from wearing your jewellery when taking a shower or bath, swimming or when playing sports. Always remove your jewellery when applying perfume, body lotions, suntan lotions, cosmetics and ointments. Do not wear your jewellery whilst using detergents, bleach, ammonia, or rubbing alcohol.


Sterling silver plating can tarnish - react by darkening when exposed to the air and light, or in certain cases, by the different types of Ph of the skin, this is normal for silver. To clean we recommend using a soft cloth or a non-abrasive gentle silver cleaner to prevent damage.

For gold plated pieces, we recommend you use a soft cotton cloth on a regular basis (weekly) to keep the jewel in good condition. In the event that the piece is very dirty the same cloth can be used with warm water and mild soap, and once the process is finished, dry with a soft dry cloth or paper. Care must be taken with leather and stones or crystals, because these materials may require another type of care.

For leather use a mild soap or lotion which is unscented and colorant free.

For crystals and glass use a soft slightly damp cloth

To maintain your UNOde50 piece as new, we recommend it is stored in the original packaging to prevent contact with the air, direct light or humidity, as this can lead to deterioration of the piece.